[The following is in response to the news that folks in Harrisburg are challenging school districts over their need, indeed responsibility, to maintain effective budget fund balances and reserve accounts.]

…the public knew how much of their tax dollars were being squandered by for-profit charter school operators who use their profits to buy Harrisburg, lock, stock, and barrel.  Or they knew that charter schools weren’t required to limit their fund balances, even if their costs of operations (as for cyber schools) were far below the costs of brick-and-mortar schools with sports and arts and other wholesome opportunities.  Or they knew that charter schools were “double dipping” on their state social security benefit reimbursement.

…Harrisburg would come clean on how horribly underfunded the Pennsylvania State Retirement programs have been for the last 30+ years.  So much so that local districts are being forced to raise taxes to fill in the gaping hole created by the underfunded pension system.  And further…if only Harrisburg would show you how it is sharpening its axe for the time when schools, deprived of state funding and unable to push the burden onto their citizens any longer, begin to collapse, leaving only the kind and generous charter school management organizations [not] to pick up the pieces.

…children had the kind of clout that adults and, in particular, the millionaires and billionaires that are funding political campaigns against them and their right to a high quality education, because charter schools, especially cyber charter schools, as a group underperform regular public schools.  [And by the way, private schools aren't required to publish their data at all.]

…there were angry mobs outside the offices of these Harrisburg attackers, or folks who remembered that America was built up strong by our public school system, or folks who woke up and realized they were being sold out for the false promise of competition and school choice, neither of which is real or will improve student performance.

If only…