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There’s some very interesting and possibly disturbing news coming out on the potential harmful effects of sugar.  Is sugar toxic?  Is it addictive?

60 Minutes did a report and here’s one more discussion with the same doctor at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF).

Aside from the obvious concerns, should schools take a more cautious approach and begin to drive a more aggressive stance on sugar or wait for information from, say, the Surgeon General (who recommends limiting sugar) or the Centers for Disease Control (their latest report says more sugar is consumed at home than away, and more comes from foods than beverages).

I’m concerned about political influence on a topic that will clearly impact the well-being of the sugar industry as well as the food industry, in general.  I’m even more concerned about the well-being of our students.

I’d welcome other perspectives.  I rather like the tax ideas in the 2nd video (not because I like raising taxes).  My inner economist says using tax incentives (with revenues used for education/remediation) is a reasonable way to approach the long-term behavioral change.

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The Run for Jake, which memorializes the life of Jake Berkowitz, a Cheltenham student and cross country runner who battled cancer until November 2005 as well as being a faithful supporter of our area’s homeless residents, takes place in just two weeks on April 18th.

This race, in its third year, benefits the Physical Education Department and Athletic programs at Cheltenham High School & Back On My Feet (backonmyfeet.org), so naturally I’m a fan.

The run includes both a 1-mile walk and a 5K race and starts early enough in the morning that you won’t miss any of your Sunday events.  The Cheltenham Wellness Fair will provide health and wellness information to the community as well as interactive activities for the whole family.

For an additional twist, I hereby offer a special challenge to everyone in our community and especially my fellow board members, our students, administrators, and in the spirit of building a healthy community family, to our Township Commissioners and administrators.  I challenge you to a good, old-fashioned footrace.  Game on!

So come on out!  Join the race and show us you support a healthy Cheltenham and the work of Jake Berkowitz.